SIMULACRA DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE was created in 2007 and is run by artist and designer Fredrik Weerasinghe in Malmö, Sweden.

SIMULACRA DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE is a design brand which concept emerges from the theory of the real and the unreal. This philosophy form our products and challenges the boundary between art and design.

FREDRIK WEERASINGHE was born in Malmö, Sweden and studied art, design and architecture at The Academy of Fine Art in Florence, Rome, Naples and at The Art Students Leauge in New York City.
He graduated in London from Chelsea College of Fine Art (Post Graduate Diploma) and from Byam Shaw/Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (Master of Fine Art), 2003.

Fredrik Weerasinghe has been working as an artist and designer in Sweden and internationally since 2003.

The SIMULACRA THEORY leads back from the old Chinese fairy tale of the butterfly and the silkworm, Classical Greek philosopher Plato's parable of the shadow in the cave in his writings from the Republic, to French 17th century philosopher Descartes, contemporary philosopher Baudrillard and the Science Fiction movie Bladerunner.

These are all discourses in different cultures and time concerning questions regarding the thin line between the unreal and reality.